Symphony Math runs within a web browser on Windows and Mac OS systems. This document provides troubleshooting steps for error messages (most likely with the number '2048' in them) that prevent the program from operating correctly in these environments.

Solution 1: Clear the browser's cache

Most times this error is caused by corrupt files in the web browser's temporary storage. Deleting these temporary files will not affect any other web sites or programs on your computer.

Please refer to the steps for your browser using this resource:

IMPORTANT: Do NOT delete cookies during the above process, as this may affect use of other web sites on your computer. Only delete your cache (or Temporary Internet Files).

Solution 2: Reinstall the Adobe Flash Plug-In

If the first solution does not resolve this issue, a full reinstallation of the Flash plug in may be necessary. Complete directions are available from Adobe, the makers of the plug-in:

Solution 3: Check for Restricted Access to the Symphony web servers

Symphony Math requires full access to the Symphony web servers during program use. If the program is used by a restricted user, the user may not be allowed access to these web servers. Some common culprits of this restriction are virus protection programs, Windows or Mac Firewall, and Content Filter settings.

In these situations, exceptions need to be added to the Content Filter, Firewall or Virus Protection Program. The following locations should be added:

Please consult the documentation for these tools to make the necessary changes.