Symphony Math promotes both conceptual understanding and procedual fluency. When students demonstrate mastery in targeted concepts in the Symphony Math curriculum, they activate Mastery Rounds, which then ensure fast and accurate recall of basic number facts.

For example, Stage 3 of Symphony Math works on Adding & Subtracting to 5. This Stage works on student understanding of the 'Big Idea' in math whereas wholes can be broken up into parts, and likewise parts can be put together to create wholes. Of course, this 'Big Idea' is used in Addition & Subtraction. Students will demonstrate their understanding of these concepts in Stage 3 through the use of models (concrete objects), numbers (abstract representations), and basic word problems.

Symphony Math Stage 3 - Student uses models, then later numbers to understand Parts-to-Whole

When students master Stage 3, they activate Mastery Rounds which probe student fluency. In Symphony Math, fluency is judged as student's ability to quickly and accurately answer number facts. In the initial Mastery Round, students will see basic number facts with sums no greater than 5.

mastery round
Symphony Math Mastery Round level 1 - Student works on fast recall of Add/Subtract to 5

Students will alternate between concepts mastery ('Stages' tasks) and fluency ('Mastery Rounds') once fluency content has been activated. The first time a students sees a Mastery Round, they will complete the round very quickly if they are able to answer all (or only 1 error) number facts given during the round. If they show any signs of struggle, they will come back to the Mastery Round and move through the majority of the material so that they can demonstrate fluency in this material.

Some students move through Mastery Rounds very quickly. while others need more time to work on their fast recall. This is normal, and every learning profile is unique. If a student finishes all Stages (concepts) in Symphony Math, but still have Mastery Round levels remaining, they will continue to see Mastery Rounds consequetively until they complete all of the levels. Our recommendation is to have students complete 2-4 Mastery Rounds each day until they have completed all available fluency content. This daily work will only take 5-10 minutes, and will reduce frustration and/or anxiety for students.

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