When students complete a Stage of Symphony Math, they come to a Checkpoint. Checkpoints are opportunities for knowledge transfer, and give both students and teachers a chance to use mastered skills in a different context. 

To download empty Checkpoint journal sheets, use the links below. If you can print double-sided, each student sheet will only use a single piece of paper:

Stages 1-26 Complete Set

Stage 1: The Number Sequence
Stage 2: More/Less/Same
Stage 3: Add & Subtract to 5
Stage 4: Ten as a Unit
Stage 5: Comparing Numbers
Stage 6: Add & Subtract to 20
Stage 7: Tens
Stage 8: Add & Subtract with 10s
Stage 9: Hundreds
Stage 10: Add & Subtract with 100s
Stage 11: Skip Counting
Stage 12: Regrouping with 2 and 3 digits
Stage 13: Multiplication and Division
Stage 14: Introduction to Fractions
Stage 15: Multiply and Divide to 100
Stage 16: Multiply and Divide with 1/10/100
Stage 17: Add & Subtract Unit Fractions
Stage 18: Non-Unit Fractions
Stage 19: Decimals
Stage 20: Fractions Greater Than 1 Whole
Stage 21: Standard Algorithm: Addition and Subtraction
Stage 22: Expanded Mode Multiplication and Division
Stage 23: Multiplying Fractions and Whole Numbers
Stage 24: Magnitude and Place Value
Stage 25: Decimals to Thousandths
Stage 26: Expanded Mode *÷ with Decimals