Symphony Math uses many different models throughout the program curriculum. It may be helpful to capture individual tasks and use them in your classroom work with students. For example, if you are introducing multiplication to students, and your classroom curriculum uses a certain type of model, you might want to show one or more of Symphony's models to students during the same lesson. (We know you might because this feature was requested by teachers in Leominster, MA!)

Use these steps to create a standalone version of any task:

1) Find the task ID. If you are working in demo mode, or reviewing a task with a student, record the number from the upper right of the screen. Here is an example:

The task ID in the screen above is 1310056. This number appears after the Stage decimal notation (13.1.1). 

2) Create the web URL for your standalone task. Use this format:{taskID}

So, for the above example, the standalone task URL is:

That's it! Enjoy your new feature.