An iOS 13+ issue exists that causes audio to drop out during program use. In most cases, this condition occurs as the result of one of the following conditions:

1) headphones are plugged and unplugged from the iPad; or

2) the onscreen keyboard is used instead of the green 'Sign In' button, and then dismissed during audio playing.

Solution 1

From the Settings panel in the student program, choose 'Refresh Audio' to repair either 'crackling' audio or a loss of all audio in the app.

Solution 2

Close the app completely and restart the app. Simply returning to the iPad Home Screen and pressing the Symphony Math app is NOT sufficient, as the app will still be running as a background process. To completely restart the app:

* Double-click the Home button on the iPad;

* 'Swipe up' on the Symphony Math screen to close it.

* From the Home screen, press the Symphony Math app to restart it.

As of version 8.1.5+ of the app, if the app is restarted within 5 minutes of being closed, and the student did NOT sign out, the app will remember the student's information. Instead of needing to sign in again, a prompt will ask the student if they want to Sign In again automatically. By answering 'Yes' the program will sign in, mitigating the inconvenience of typing all of the student's credentials again.

Update July 2020

Users have reported this issue in recent versions of the iPad app. A potential solution is to follow the steps above to exit all running apps, and then fully restarting the iPad.