Beginning in Version 8.2.0 of Symphony Math, students can now sign in by scanning their Symphony Math sign in cards generated from the Symphony Administration Panel.

Generating Sign In Cards

Sign into your Symphony Administration Panel and create Sign in cards. The new cards are designed to look like badges, and could be laminated or put into badge holders for students.

A sample sign in card

If you need more help generating Sign in cards, please see this video:

Chromebook/ Mac OS/ Windows QR Code Sign In

Go to or open the Symphony Math iPad app (v8.2.2+) and press the SCAN QR CODE button:

The student will be asked to grant permission for the page to access your camera. Accept the request, then hold the badge up to the device's web cam. 

When the code is detected, the student will automatically go back to the Sign In screen, and will be signed in to Symphony Math!