The Standards data view shows student details for mastery in the Common Core State Standards - Mathematics (CCSS-M). The data view is arranged by grade levels, and shows student mastery status of each CCSS skill in the Symphony Math curriculum. 

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The shortened name of the standard, along with the description of that standard.


The location within the Symphony Math curriculum.


A simple example of the concept that is addressed in this Stage



Standard has been mastered

Standard is partially mastered and/or currently being worked on


Standard has not been encountered yet

Standard has been deactivated for this student

Standard was skipped as a result of Automatic Placement from first assessment of the school year.


The number of tasks completed in this area.

Peer Avg.

The average number of tasks necessary to master this concept by students in this grade (national average)

Challenging Tasks

Sample tasks that were difficult for the student in this area. Press any icon to see a task preview.