The Summary data view presents a student summary that prints out in a succinct 2-page format. The summary shows assessment results, instructional progress over time, and a listing of concepts mastered and concepts remaining for the end of year goal (end of grade level curriculum). This report is perfect for parent or specialist meetings. The printed version is shown here.



Independent Assessment

A summary of the student’s At-risk status, Score, and Percentile in the Fall, Winter, and Spring assessments. This category is only shown if Assessments are active for the school.

Use and Progress Summary

A bar/line graph that shows use (blue bars) and progress through the K-5 curriculum for the period of time chosen.

Days of Use

The number of days of instructional program use during the time period.

Total Time

The total hours and minutes that the student has worked in Symphony Math.

Tasks Completed

The number of tasks completed during the time period.

Progress to EOY Goal

The percentage completed towards the end-of-year (EOY) goal for the student.


The standard (CCSS) reference for the skill.


The Symphony Math Stage and level associated with the skill.


A traditional number sentence example associated with the skill.


The description of the skill.


The number of tasks completed by the student in this skill.

Peer Avg.

The average number of tasks needed to complete this skill by a student in the same grade as this student.