Symphony Math provides a complete School-to-Home solution. Please see the best practices for home use, especially during periods of extended school closures:

Create School-to-Home Letters

You can create School-to-Home letters at any time from your Symphony Math dashboard. Watch the video below for a quick tutorial to generate custom letters. NOTE: You can generate each letter individually and save as a PDF, which can be emailed. Or, create all letters at once, and then use an online PDF tool to separate the pages to send to parents. 

Create customized letters for your students.

Please note that you must use a school email address and phone number as the first line of support. However, we are here to support you, and will work our best to help your students run Symphony Math smoothly.


To sign into your Administration Panel, click here.

Turn off Checkpoints

Math journaling is an important part of the Symphony Math experience. But, concessions may be necessary. If you deactivate Checkpoint passcodes, students will not need permission to continue to new Stages of our curriculum. Instead, they will see our journaling prompts, but then be able to progress to new material in the program.


The animation below shows how to deactivate Checkpoint passcodes from the Symphony Administration Panel.

Deactivating passcodes for student Checkpoints.

NOTE: The setting above needs to be carried out by an Administrator. It is only necessary to do ONE TIME.

Access Offline Materials

Not all students have internet access. When we created Symphony Math, we also created accompanying materials for every skill in our program. 


Use the Support area of your Administration Panel to access the full collection of our offline materials. Please use these materials in any way that you find helpful. 


To sign into your Administration Panel, click here.